Update from Uk Chong: Visiting Trainees Under Stress

Visit with Thai Marines

Visit with Thai Marines

It’s been about a year since we started Project Daniel Naval NCO in Sattahip, Thailand. The young man in the sports attire is Bright (Last time I mistakenly wrote his name as Pipe, which sounds similar in Thai). He passed the entrance exam and is now 5 months into his training as an NCO in the Royal Thai Marines. Here in the picture, Surasak, Santi, and I are visiting him along with Wanpen and Nit who are not in the photo.

I noticed that he was quite relaxed despite the age difference and the high rank of Navy Capt Santi. But then I remembered that he spent 4 months with Santi and Nit during Project Daniel, and he now feels like they are family.

The other marine is a second-year student and a Christian. Although he has some history with Youth With A Mission, he confessed he had not been reading the Bible or praying. We all encouraged him to get back on track with Christ and meet together with Bright to pray or share a short devotion. Until we came, I think he was feeling quite alone in the military, for his only support of his faith was his church that he could only visit a few times a year. Now he knows there are other Christians in the military. Please pray for him to stand strong for Christ and stand together with his brother in Christ.

Poom Earphones.jpeg

I just wanted to follow up briefly about Lieutenant Poom. Praise God he did decide to start meeting regularly for Bible study and application. We’re starting with biblical principles in finance, a major source of stress for him.

Manuela and I are going to California to attend a missions conference. We would appreciate prayer for Janna and Nathaniel who need to stay home to attend school. Thank you.

In His hands,

Uk and Manuela

Paul Bradley