Update from Uk Chong: Removing the Lid

Cup covered.jpeg

Why is this cup covered? I wanted to share an illustration used by my friend Surasak as he was giving advice to Wanchana, a retired policeman. Surasak told him, “God wants to fill your cup to overflowing with blessings. But your problem is that you have put a lid on your cup. That lid is sin or false understanding of the Word. Remove that lid and you’ll see God start to fill your cup.”

Wanchana was having serious financial difficulties about a year ago. He tried to keep his family fed and his son in school by borrowing, that made his problem worse. After Surasak provided this wise advice, Wanchana was willing to rethink his financial habits. Last spring, he and I looked through Proverbs together and prayed with each other. He confessed his wrong understanding and his bad financial practices. He began to manage his money instead of living paycheck to paycheck and committed to not borrow money. Finally, he committed to finding work instead of waiting on God to send a miraculous “bag of money.”  I saw progress in his actions despite a couple mistakes, and then I departed for a long trip over the summer.

When I returned, Wanchana had a big smile on his face. With some help from others, he registered his son in a affordable school, he kept at his money management, and he spent only what he had. God blessed him with a job as well. Wanchana is now a driver for a reputable transportation company in the city. He also told me that he has been given many blessings over the summer. To make this event even sweeter, Wanchana is now highly motivated to go evangelizing with me at police stations. As you praise God with me, also intercede for us as we try to start the first small group at a local station.

Wanchana and the company car

Wanchana and the company car

Paul Bradley