Snapshots of God's Goodness: An update from Burundi

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The above picture is the team from Jesus Life-Burundi and Cadence International that God put together for 13-days of sharing God's love together.

Left to Right: Kiki, Jean-Bosco, Paul Bradley, Jeff Campbell, Brian Kleager, Duncan Sprague, Aaron, and Matt Mowad. (And sorry if the picture is a little blurry. Our photographer was a widow who has not used an iPhone before! She had fun taking our picture though!)


It would take a long dinner conversation to share everything God is doing and that we got to be a part of in Burundi, but a few snapshots nonetheless...

  • We led a 5-day Military Ministry training seminar

  • A 2-day ministry-leader seminar

  • Shared with widows and orphans and did a little work on their community center and garden

  • And prayed for many



We also left some sweat in Burundi! We were able to provide J-Life with $3,000, which they used to build a chapel for the wounded soldiers in Mpanda. This is a housing community that is isolated from town because there is no road to their location, only a dirt path. J-Life and Cadence have been ministering to them for several years with Cadence providing support and funding while J-Life visits every week and serves however they can. (And let me tell you, they are deeply involved and committed the people in Mpanda!)


Thanks for your prayers and financial support.

We have often told the people of Burundi that we are able to come because there are many Christians and churches around the world that pray and give money for us to be there. That is you. Thank you for being faithful to your part of these snapshots. 

God's goodness was on display.
In the steadfast love of the Lord,

Paul Bradley