Cadence Foreign Armed Forces Ministries is a division of Cadence International. Cadence International ministers to armed forces personnel, their spouses and dependents worldwide.

Young, searching, impressionable, moldable, and eager for relationship, many of those serving in the armed forces are in some of the most strategic moments of their lives—moments of receptivity, of soul-searching, of discovery, and of life transformation.It is in these moments that Cadence has the honor of sharing the gospel and our lives with military people and their families. What a privilege!

Our Heart

We love the people in the Armed Forces.
We sacrificially serve them by sharing the gospel and our lives.
We passionately find real ways to bless their lives, their careers, and their families.


Our Vision

Exalting Christ in the nations through the lives of transformed military people


Our Mission

As influential leaders within their governments, military and security forces are some of the key-holders of change in breaking cycles of corruption within their countries and influencing their entire nation for Christ.

Cadence International Foreign Armed Forces Ministry offers these leaders professional development seminars, English classes, and social relief programs. We are honored to share Christ with foreign military and security force members and help mentor them. They, and their families, are then learning to share their faith with fellow countrymen.

We serve the military communities and security forces of Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Burundi. Cadence also partners with Free Burma Rangers to minister in Burma, Iraq and Syria.